Narrow-banded Owlet Butterfly Opsiphanes tamarindi

Owlet butterfly - Narrow-banded
Narrow-banded Owlet butterfly
The Owlet Butterflies (Opsiphanes species) look like smaller versions of the Owls (Caligo species). The Narrow-banded Owlet is native to forests of Mexico and Central and northern South America. Like the Owl Butterflies, the main differences between species are visible on the topside but the wings are rarely opened when not in flight. The underside shows nature's artistry in making the wings appear to have three-dimensional eyes by just a few, well-placed lines of light and shading.
Narrow-banded Owlet butterfly tongue
Narrow-banded Owlet butterfly face
Narrow-banded Owlet butterfly head
The "tongue" (proboscis) is about twice the length as shown in the photos above and is rolled up when put away. The large eyes have vertical stripes, like the larger Owl butterflies.
Narrow-banded Owlet butterfly topside
Narrow-banded Owlet topside
Narrow-banded Owlet
The topside shows why the name of this Owlet is "Narrow-banded," having a narrow, pale orange or yellow band on forewing and hind wing, on a dark brown background. Males are a little smaller and darker on topside and underside than the females.
Owl with Owlet butterfly
Owlet with Owl butterfly
Size comparison: the Owlet has a wingspan typically of some 70mm compared to the Owl (Caligo memnon) of over 130mm and some Owl species of over 160mm.
Owlet with Owl butterflies
Mum, Dad and baby Owl!