Miscellaneous Butterflies Several unrelated butterflies which do not yet have an individual page

Common Sailer Butterfly The Sailer Butterfly, Neptis hylas, also called Common Sailer, is native to much of South and Southeast Asia. Its name comes from its gliding flight but it is often spelled as Sailor. Its topside is similar to several other butterflies, including the Common Sergeant, named after its three white stripes, and the military association tends to reinforce the mis-naming of Sailor. Its underside is light tan and white, like the Sergeant, but without the black spots topside and underside. The Short-banded Sailer, Neptis columella, has a similar topside but a darker brown underside.
Painted Jezebel Butterfly The Painted Jezebel Butterfly, Delias hyparete, is found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malayasia and Singapore. Above is the subspecies Delias hyparete metarete in Singapore. Like the other butterflies of the Jezebel (Delias) family in Asia-Australasia, both male and female are basically white with some grey/black on the topside and combinations of red and yellow with white and black on the underside indicating to potential predators that they are unpalatable.
Altinote negra, Peru The Gaudy Altinote Butterfly, Altinote negra, is native to cloud forests and rainforests of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia - these in Peru. It derives toxicity from its caterpillar stage. Males bask on rocks and tracks taking in dissolved minerals.