Grey Cracker Butterfly Hamadryas februa

Cracker Butterflies are named after the cracking noise produced by the wings of the male in territorial, courtship and threat displays. They feed on rotting fruit, tree sap and dung instead of nectar.

Grey Cracker Butterfly
Grey Cracker
The Grey Cracker Butterfly, spelled Gray Cracker in America, is native to southern USA through to northern South America. Although the grey-brown colouring is variable (like the Variable Cracker) and the blues/greys fade, it can be distinguished by the four hind-wing eye-spots which have orange and black crescents. Shown in the row above and immediately below is the northern subspecies Hamadryas februa ferentina taken by Alexandra Makhnina in Mexico.
Grey Cracker underside
Grey Cracker drinking sap
Grey Cracker drinking sap
The underside is brown with white or light fawn, similar to the underside of the Variable and some other Crackers, but the orange and black crescents on the hind wing identify it. Here it is drinking tree sap by inserting its long tongue into a hole in the bark.
Grey Cracker faded A very faded Grey Cracker