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Charaxes butterfly
Flame-bordered Charaxes butterfly
The Charaxes butterflies are many large and generally ornate species of butterflies native to Africa and Asia. Few have English or common names. Above is a female Flame-bordered Charaxes protoclea from sub-Saharan Africa. One (Charaxes jasius also called the Two-tailed Pasha, and looking like a darker version of the "Pollux" below) is also found in southern Europe.
Charaxes pollux butterfly Above is the Black-bordered Charaxes (Charaxes pollux), looking a little like an Asian lacewing. It is found in much of sub-Saharan Africa.
Green-veined Emperor Charaxes butterfly This one is a Green-veined Emperor (Charaxes candiope). The topside is mainly orange. It is also found in much of sub-Saharan Africa.