Common Bush Brown Butterfly Mycalesis perseus

Common Bush Brown Butterfly
Common Bushbrown Butterfly
The Bush Brown group of butterflies, also spelled Bushbrown, look very similar and the number of "eyepots" varies by individual and by season. They also look similar to the American Satyr family. Shown is the Common, also called Dingy, Bush Brown. It is native to South and Southeast Asia. Male and female look similar.
Dingy Bush Brown Butterfly
Dingy Bushbrown Butterfly
Common Bushbrown Butterfly
Most of the Bush Browns, including the Common/Dingy, are in the Mycalesis genus, native from Central Asia through to the Far East and down to Australasia. Others in that group include the similar Dark-branded (Mycalesis mineus), White line, Long Brand and other Bush Browns. In addition, there are similar-looking Bush Browns in other genera, such as the Squinting Bush Brown (Bicyclus anynana) of Africa and the Smooth-eyed Bush Brown (Orsotriaena medus) from the Philippines.