Hybrid Parrots Since the aim of the site is to aid identification, it is useful to recognise hybrids.

Hybrids of various parrots in captivity: while birds, particularly parrots and finches, hybridise in captivity, it is rare for them to do in the wild (except ducks and pheasants). There are some stable hybrid races in the wild - e.g. Adelaide Rosella.

Hybrids take on both the appearance and the behaviours of each parent -- which can lead to some confusion where parent species have different habits or diets.
Jenanday Conure with Nanday
Nanjenday Conure with Nanday
Jenday Parakeet
The parents were a Nanday Conure, as shown beside the hybrid above, and a Jenday, shown above right, making the hybrid either a Nanjenday or a Jenanday.
Nansun Conure
Nansun Conure
Nansun with Sun Conure
The Nansun (above) is a hybrid between the Sun Conure (female shown above right) and the Nanday Conure. (A hybrid between a Sun Conure and a Jenday is called a Sunday.)
Blue-crowned Lorikeet with Solitary Lory There are several risks of hybridisation in captivity. For example, these two lories are very different sizes.
Blue-winged and Red-bellied Macaws These two bonded macaws have very different diets. (They also can't tell which is the Red-bellied and which the Blue-winged.)
Jenday Parakeet The Black-winged and the Peach-faced Lovebirds have very different nesting habits.