Lapwing/ Peewit/Green Plover Vanellus vanellus

Lapwing - Green Plover
Called Lapwing because of its undulating flight and also known as Peewit in imitation of its call, the Lapwing, usually found in flocks, has a beautiful green petrol colour and sheen in sunlight. Like a large, crested plover, it is also called the Northern Lapwing to distinguish it from southern species and is native to temperate Eurasia.
Lapwing - Peewit
Lapwings and Gulls Lapwings usually form flocks, often including other birds (here with black-headed gulls).
Lapwing pair Walking on water.
Lapwings couple The male has a longer crest than the female.
Lapwing in flight
Lapwing in flight
Lapwings in flight
(F)Lapwings in flight (above)
Lapwing male Male
Laptop Laptop
Lapwing female Female