Great Northern Diver/ Common Loon Gavia immer

Great Northern Diver
The Great Northern Diver, also called the Common Loon in America, breeds mainly in inland lakes of far northern America, Greenland and Iceland. Breeding plumage of male and female is the artistic black and white collage shown. It winters at sea on coasts of North America and Atlantic Europe (including the UK) but can be found on inland reservoirs. Winter plumage is a fairly plain grey.

Many thanks to Welsh birder/photographer "Adardyn2016" for permission to use his photo, above. He says "this summer plumage Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer) . . . found on Staines Reservoir (near London Heathrow Airport). Also known as the Common Loon in the US, this bird should have been on its breeding grounds. Having seen a number of this species, mostly in the middle of winter, it was nice to be able to view it in all its finery."