Kiwi Apteryx spp.

The Kiwi is a well-known icon of its native New Zealand but is nocturnal, endangered and rarely seen. A flightless, chicken-sized bird that nests in burrows, it remains at risk from introduced predators (cats, dogs, rats, stoats, etc.). There are five species of Kiwi, all in the same genus.
Kiwi - Southern Brown Above is the Southern Brown Kiwi, also called Southern Tokoeka, Apteryx australis. Kiwis have a good sense of smell, essential for locating worms and grubs with their long bill. The Kiwi above visited Jim and Hilli's oyster packing area on Stewart Island where it returned for several nights to help clean oyster remnants from the shells.
 (My thanks to Jim and Hilli for the above photo.)
Kiwi North Island Brown Above is the North Island Brown Kiwi, Apteryx mantelli. Apologies for the poor night photo but I don't use flash on birds or night animals.