Maccoa Oxyura maccoa

Maccoa duck
Duck and Dive
The Maccoa is the only blue-billed "stiff-tailed" duck in Africa; it is a diving duck with two distinct populations, a smaller concentrated one in east Africa and a larger, more widely dispersed one in southern Africa. The black-headed male in breeding plumage is shown above.
Maccoa duck
Maccoa duck
A juvenile or eclipse male on the turn to adult breeding plumage. Although native to Africa, the name Maccoa derives from Macao, China (meaning generically from an exotic place, cf. Guinea Fowl and Muscovy Duck).
Maccoa duck Another eclipse male
Maccoa duck female The female, above, looks similar to the female Ruddy and White-headed Ducks
Females occasionally lay their eggs cuckoo-like in nests of other Maccoas or even of other species.
Maccoa duck male escapee at Lee Valley Grand Weir
Maccoa drake
Maccoa duck
Showing the stiff tail. Males will defend a territory containing one or more females. They are among the few duck species that are seasonally polygamous.