Brent/Brant Goose Branta bernicla

Brent Goose
Brent Goose
The name Brent or Brant (US and orig.) goose, one of several "branta" species, comes from the old English (Viking) word for "burnt" in view of the black colouring.
Brent Goose The Brent goose has a white collar or neck patch and a white tail.
Some have side bars (and can look dark brown in sunlight).
Brent Goose
Brent Goose
There are 2 main subspecies of Brent goose, the "Dark-bellied" ("bernicla") Brent above, breeds in Siberia, winters in W. Europe, and the "Pale-bellied" ("hrota") - breeds in Canada/Greenland, winters in US/W. Europe. A third, lesser subspecies the "Black" ("nigricans") breeds in Alaska/ W.Canada/East Siberia and winters in the north Pacific Basin.
Brent following Cackling Goose
Mixed Geese Brent goose (top left) with Cackling (top right), Lesser White-fronted (far right) and Barnacle geese
Brent and Cackling geese These similarly-sized Brent and Cackling Geese were constant companions.
Brent Geese
Black Brant
The Pacific Black Brent/Brant ("nigricans") above and below
Black Brant Goose
Black Brant/Brent
Black Brant Goose
Black Brent Goose