Various Quails Photos of various true quails and buttonquails that do not yet have their own pages

Crested Bobwhite Quails
The CRESTED BOBWHITE QUAIL, Colinus cristatus, is native to southern Central America, northern South America and the Netherlands Antilles.
Jungle Bush-quail
The JUNGLE BUSH-QUAIL, Perdicula asiatica, is prevalent throughout the Indian subcontinent from Nepal to Sri Lanka.
Barred Buttonquail
The BARRED BUTTONQUAIL, Turnix suscitator, is native to South and Southeast Asia and, despite its appearance and habits, is not closely related to true quails. Buttonquails have an interesting reversal of roles: the female is more brightly coloured, defends her territory against other hens but may have several males and initiates courtship; the male incubates the eggs and raises the chicks.