Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla

Blackcap - male
Blackcap - female
The Blackcap has a melodious song - a joy to hear, rivalling a blackbird and even a nightingale. Only the male (above left) has a black cap; the female (above right) has a rufous brown cap.
This page shows photos of the male Blackcap - photos of the female and of fledglings are shown separately - see links below.
Blackcap Swearing at a Great Tit
Blackcap This is a winter resident in a London garden
Blackcap They love peanut cake
The Blackcap is resident through much of Europe, some of North Africa and western Asia. They are "permanent migrants" in the UK: those that arrive to breed in the summer then winter in Africa but in recent years some of those breeding in central and northeastern Europe have chosen to winter in the UK where it has become milder and garden birdfood has become plentiful.
Blackcap Showing the black cap
Blackcap A tennis ball
Blackcap Another winter garden resident
Blackcap He sings beautifully
Blackcap Raising the crest
Blackcap In summer
Blackcap Hybrid Blackcap and tennis ball
Blackcap The "Yellow-faced Blackcap" . . .
Blackcap . . . been at the saffron pollen in the crocuses.