Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla

Blackcap - male
Blackcap - female
The Blackcap has a melodious song - a joy to hear, rivalling a blackbird and even a nightingale. Only the male (above left) has a black cap; the female (above right) has a rufous brown cap.
This page shows photos of the male Blackcap -- photos of the female and of fledglings are shown separately -- see links below.
Blackcap Swearing at a Great Tit
Blackcap This is a winter resident in a London garden
Blackcap They love peanut cake
Blackcap Showing the black cap
Blackcap A tennis ball
Blackcap Another winter garden resident
Blackcap He sings beautifully
Blackcap Raising the crest
Blackcap In summer
Blackcap Hybrid Blackcap and tennis ball
Blackcap The "Yellow-faced Blackcap" . . .
Blackcap . . . been at the saffron pollen in the crocuses.