Turkey Meleagris gallopavo

Turkey male Fluffing out his feathers to appear larger
Turkish belly-dancing Turkish belly-dancing
Despite their name, Turkeys originated in the wild in North America. They have become domesticated in many countries.
Turkey and Chicken "Happy Christmas!"
Royal Palm Turkey The ornamental Crollwitzer or Royal Palm Turkey
Black and Bronze Turkey Stag
Young Turk
These Black and Bronze Turkeys are direct descendants of wild North American birds.
Turkey head wattle and snood
Turkey head wattle and snood
Black-bronze turkey cock
The male (called a stag rather than a cock) has a bizarre red "wattle" of loose skin on his neck and a "snood" over his beak. The wattle on the neck fills out when he "gobbles" to impress the hen.
Black-bronze turkey
Black-bronze turkey
The hen, the object of the stag's calling and puffing his feathers out, doesn't have a wattle or snood and is much plainer.
young male turkey Young male
Blue-slate turkey
Blue-slate turkey
Above are Blue-slate Turkeys with subtle blue colouring in their feathers.
Blue-slate turkey hen The hens also have blue colouring.
Lavender turkey cock
Lavender turkey hen
Lavender Turkeys have pale beige and mauve colouring in their feathers; the hens are very pale.
Crollwitzer Turkey stag
The Crollwitzer, also called Royal Palm or Black-laced White, is bred for show rather than meat.