Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs

Chaffinch male
If the Chaffinch weren't so common, the pretty male with his blue hood, pink face and head and white wing bars would be considered exotic.
Chaffinch male
It is resident through most of Europe, some of temperate western Asia and north Africa.
Chaffinch He has a white vent and white under- tail feathers.
Chaffinch The lower back, usually hidden, is olive green.
Chaffinch The wing bars are variable.
female Chaffinch The female is much plainer than the male.
female Chaffinch She has a slight pinkish tinge to her brown front
female Chaffinch and a muted shadow of the male's pattern.
female Chaffinch A tatty one
 female Chaffinch The wing bars are variable
female Chaffinch This one has a white eye-ring (except for the eye line).
Chaffinch A young male starting to colour up to breeding plumage
Chaffinch Possibly a young male with crest (and white eye-ring)
Chaffinch white tail edge The white tail edge feathers show in flight
Chaffinch in flight
Wing bars in flight.